The legendary Dakhla lagoon was on our bucket list for a long time: many kitesurf competitions were organized here and all the big names from the world came here to train before the competition season starts. The hotel where we were staying (Dakhla Evasion) was the home for the world championship young star Mikaili Sol – two week before we arrived. 

We were lucky with the great wind condition every day from the morning till the late evening. The general strenght of the wind was like 20 knots or more. The big kites had holiday in the storage this week.. 🙂 

This hotel is situated a 5 minutes walk from the lagoon. The kite school is in the middle between the lagoon and the camp. They have a perfect system in the kite school there, with a lots of kite gear and spacious storages. You can use a compressor to pump up your kite, so no hassle on the beach down there..

Thanked for the full board services the only things we had to concentrate on were: eating, sleeping and kiting. 

The hotel was really nice with stylish decorated rooms, delicious food and great services. 

The nights were a bit quite: there was no party around. However it was not a big problem for us, after those day long kite sessions every day… 🙂 During the day the temperature was like its summer (you could hang around in bikini around to the pool), but the nights were a bit chilly: a pullover was a must if you wanted to have a drink on the terrace. The water temperature was around 20-22 degrees, which is okay. 

Summarizing the kite camp: we had a great time and we are happy to finally discover this place. We gonna return one day for sure! 


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