Waiting for the wind..

In July 2017 our kite expedition visited the flatwater lagoon of Esposende in Portugal.

This place is good for beginners and freestyle lovers as well. The beach is sandy and the water is flat more or less. However the water temperature was a bit cold thanked for the Atlantic Ocean.

The view from the spot to the city and the mountains behind is very nice. The thermal wind blows almost 60 % during the whole summer season from spring till autumn.

This time we were unlucky with the wind: before our arrival and after our departure it was blowing like mad…  Fortunately our students were childrend and girls, so lightweight people and for them the light wind we had was enought to do the first meters during the camp.

During the no wind days we went kayaking and wave surfing.

Finally we had a great time, maybe we gonna return one day! ?

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