Upcoming kitesurf holidays

Travel with us and discover the world’s best kitesurf destinations! On each kite camp you can apply for beginner and intermediate kitesurf course. However if you are an experienced rider who would like to travel with nice people around, this is your place to be! Let’s share new adventures with us!

Zanzibar kitesurf holiday 11-25 January or 25 January – 6 February 2020


♥ accomodation for 14 or 12 nights

♥ african style breakfast

♥ airport transfers

♥ perfect conditions: shallow and flat water, long sandy beach

♥ perfect also for foiling at high tide

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Urla Lagoon Turkey, 2020 July



♥ accomodation for 14 nights;

♥ private airport transfer;

♥ room with full board service;

♥ long, sandy beach with shallow water;

♥ free ride, wake style, foiling

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Brazil, October 2020

BRAZIL, OCTOBER 2020      

 more infos are coming soon

More about this kitesurfing trip 

You can choose from the following three packages:

1. Independent riders package:
Are you an experienced rider who loves to travel with nice people around? We organize your kitesurf holiday to be at the right place – in the right time, where you can practice your most crazy tricks. We show you which are the most popular kite spots and you can be the part of our happy community.

2. Beginner / Advanced course package: 
Have you made your decision? Will you learn kitesurfing? We help you to became a cool kitesurfer (of course in safe environment) while we take you to the most beautiful places of the world. You’ve already mastered the waterstart, but have problems with turning or upwind riding? Maybe you wanna jump? This package is made for you!

3. Just finished the beginner course/refresher package:
Are you a bit uncertain? Would be good to have some support for your safety? Maybe a few hour lessons would be enough to refresh your kite knowledge? What we offer for you: video analysis, tips and a few hour refreshing course to make you ride and became an independent, cool rider!

Are you still not our sport club member? Contact us today and join our next kite expedition! The annual club member fee is 10 euros and you can enjoy the benefit of your membership: join our kite camps looking for new adventures on the most amazing destinations.  Your annual club member fee will be deducted from your first trip

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