Brazil kitesurf holiday, October 2022

Brazil kitesurf holiday, October 2022

Brazil is the Paradise for the kitesurfers. This year KitExpedition team will visit this amazing place for fourth time already. Here the wind blows 24/7, the air temperature is around 30 degrees and the water temperature is also around 27-30 degrees. The spots are supersafe with long and sandy beaches. The surrounding area is really special and exotic. The locals are very friendly people.  Sunshine, happyness, samba & caipirinha will make your holiday unforgettable! ?

This year we gonna take you to two or three different locations – depending on your needs: first we visit a huge lagoon, Ilha do Guajiru, which is a 4 km long, shallow and flatwater kite paradise. From here, you can go for a short trip to Jericoacoara,  which is an authentical Brazilian village with a huge sand dune from where you have an amazing sunset view. Then the whole group go to Cumbuco, which is a small and charming fishing village, where we can kite in the open ocean or at nearby cool lagoon. We organize all the transports for you. During this kite expedition we will organize beginner and advanced kite courses as well.  Even if you are a beginner or you want to improve your freestyle tricks, this camp is for you – independently to your riding level!


1st spot: Ilha do Guajiru lagoon

Ilha laguna
There are many flatwater lagoons in Brazil. Ilha do Guajiru is one of the biggest and most famous one. The lagoon is 4 km long and 400 meter wide. The beach is sandy all along, therefore it’s very safe also for beginners. The hotels are built directly on the kite beach, so you just step out from your room and you can pump your kite in the hotel garden. ? Sometimes the hotels organize parties, but basically this is a kind of quiet spot.

This lagoon – as most of the lagoons in Brazil – is tide dependent. During high tide you have planty of rooms to go crazy on the water, but at low tide your playground becomes much smaller. We go there in middle tide, so there will be enough water almost all day, so you can kite whenever you want! ? Here the wind blows stronger, then in Cumbuco, around 25-28 knots (it became stronger as you move further up to the north in Brazil).




#1 accomodation at the lagoon

Ilha do Guajiru laguna appartement
Arriving to the first spot you can choose from two different accomodations, which are appr. a 100 meters from eachother. The first one is this charming pousada (this is how Brazilians call their hotels), with an infinity pool facing to the lagoon. They have a pool bar, where you can relax after a kite session. ? The bar is open all night long, where you can share your experiences after a long kitesurfing day. This pousada has kitchen as well, so you can enjoy everything at one place. However it worth to try the other restaurants nearby (no need for car).


Comfort room (Package #1):

AC, double bed or twin bed, hot water, lagoon view, balcony with hammock

Comfort room
ilha comfort room1
Comfort room1

Superior room (Pakcage #2):

AC, LCD TV, hot water, double bed, minibar, panorama with lagoon view, balcony with hammock

Superior room1
superior room 3
Superior room2

2# accomodation at the lagoon

brazil kite rooms

The other hotel that you can choose on the first spot is also located directly on the kite beach. It also has a swimming pool facing to the lagoon and they have a very good kitchen with great pizza and other stuff. Their lounge and bar is open till late night where you can chill after a windy day.


Garden view room (Package #3):

AC, garden view, wardrobe, wifi, room size: 20sqm, bathtube or shower cabin, toilet and bidet, bathroom toiletries

Superior room (Package #4):

2AC, pool and lagoon view, wardrobe, wifi, room size: 27 sqm, double bed, minibar, bathtube or shower cabing, toilet and bidet, towels, bathroom toiletries, private relax balcony, marble floor

Delux room (Package #5):

AC, pool and lagoon view, wardrobe, wifi, room size: 38 sqm, double bed, minibar, bathtube or shower cabing, toilet and bidet, towels, bathroom toiletries, private relax balcony, wooden floor

Private two-day trip to Jericoacoara


For explorers we offer the option to visit Jericoacoara, this beautiful diamond of Brazil, which is only about 1,5 hour drive from the lagoon. You can spend the last two days of the first week at this authentical place in „Jeri”. Its in the middle of nowhere, the way there takes you through amazing sand dunes in a National Park. Its very exciting! ?

Over kitesurfing in the neighbour village , Prea, there are many cool things to do in Jeri. For example  you can watch the sunset from the famous sand dune of Jeri, you can try sand boarding or horse riding and even wave surfing. There are also many parties out there! ?


Accomodation in Jeri

jericocoara accomodation

All the rooms are equipped with: private bathroom, balcony, garden /inner garden view, shower, AC, safe, table, LCD TV, hair dryer, minibar, wifi, relax corner

2nd spot: Cumbuco

The kite beach in Cumbuco is long and sandy, therefore its super safe. The wind is very reliable here thanked for the sand dunes that generates regular thermal winds. The most famous riders come here to train for the competitions. Cauípe lagoon is a kite spot 10 km away from Cumbuco, where you always meet one of these guys doing crazy tricks on the water.

The kite spot where we gonna kite during the first week is within 30 m from our pousada). We will kite in the open ocean, where the wind direction is side on shore, the beach is never ending & sandy. The strenght of the wind is averagely 16-20 knots. You can find this charming beach bar directly on the kite beach. Take a lunch break between your kite sessions with a cooling coctail.


Accomodation in Cumbuco

combuco 2

Our accomodation in Cumbuco will be in a quiet and charming pousada, only 30 meter from the kite beach. Within a few steps you can reach the spot and pump your kite immediately. ? The inner garden is surrounded by palm trees and beautiful flowers, there is a small pool in the middle and also a breakfast corner.


All the rooms are equipped: LCD TV, double and single bed, private balcony with hammock, garden or pool view, AC, shower cabin


Depending on your riding level, we offer beginner and advanced kite lessons according to the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) system.
The beginner course will be organized in groups or for individual request we make it private. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport. It is better to learn the basics from an instructor properly in order to proceed safely and improve fast.

kitesurf courses brazil
Kitesafari, Egypt

Kitesafari, Egypt

Kitesurfing Safari Egypt, 3-10, April, 2021.


One of our favouite kitexpedition is the kitesafari in Egypt. We love our upgraded boat which is a luxury designed big boat. Spend a week with us and let’s visit the most incredibly perfect kitesurf spots around the Red Sea! We follow the wind, no time wasted waiting for the good conditions!

Egypt is very popular amongst the kitesurfers, thanked for its constant wind, warm weather and water and breathtaking turquoise blue sea. We visit many unspoilt secret places that will take your breath away! ?

Instead of kiting on the same spot during the whole holiday, we make it much more colourful! No hassle getting to the beach, pumping your kite, waiting for the wind: we go where it blows, pump your kite and launch it for you. Our crew will serve your needs all day long. The only „work” for you is eating, sleeping and KITING!!! ?

We know all the spots available in the area! We take you to butter flat water, where you can improve your freestyle tricks. If you are a beginner, you can learn the first steps from us in safe environment.



For experts and beginners, we guarantee the ultimate kitesurf holiday experience far away from civilization and far away from the ordinary and unfortunately usually too crowded, coastal spots.

3 April: Check-in day

Arriving to Hurghada, our crew will welcome you at the airport. We can check in to the boat from the afternoon. If you arrive in the morning, you can kite at a kitecenter in El Gouna or in Hurghada or you can also go for a sight seeing tour in Hurghada.

4-9 April: 6 days of kitesafari

During these days we follow the wind. We visit beautiful flatwater spots, where the sea is turquoise blue and you have plenty of place for kiting. During the cruise we offer all level of kite courses from beginner to freestyle coaching. Our price includes full board services (breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks).

10 April: check out

We check out from the boat before noon, so it can be cleaned for the upcoming group during the day. The transfer bus will take you directly to the airport for the agreed time.


We cross the Red Sea and its islands on a huge boat with a group of 20 kitesurfers on board. A perfectly coordinated team will meet all your wishes on board.

On the low deck the boat has nice and spacious twin and double bed cabins with ensuit bathroom and toilet. On the main deck there are some more cabins and also the charming dining room. The upper deck and the sun deck is only for chilling offering convinient bean bags, sun beds and sofas. During this week you can also do wakeboarding, SUP boarding, snorkeling and dolphin watching!

We are always at your disposal: with our safety boats you can be sure that anytime and anywhere we will check on you and help you . We make you feel safe in order to enjoy your riding. This not only maximizes your time on the water, but also increases the fun factor quite clearly.

We orient our services to meet the needs and wishes of the group. Just talk to us!




Depending on your riding level, we offer different kind of kite courses: beginner or freestyle kitesurf lessons.


PRICE: 900 EUR / pax – till 15th February, 2021.

From 16 February: 990 EUR

Register with 30% deposit only, the total amount will be due till 1, March!

Join us for an unforgettable kitesurf holiday! ?

Urla Lagoon, Turkey june-july 2020

Urla Lagoon, Turkey june-july 2020

KitExpedition kite camp to Urla lagoon, Turkey

CAMP #1: 26 June – 10 July, 2020

CAMP #2: 13-27 July, 2020

2020 summer KitExpedition team visit a new spot: the super flatwater Urla lagoon in SW Turkey. Are you a beginner? This huge sandy lagoon will be safe and fun for your first ride! Do you wanna try a wake park that was dreamed especially for kitesurfers? Here you can practice every day even with coaching!  Are you a foil fun? There is a room also for foiling at a special part of this enormous lagoon. Join us and lets discover the Urla lagoon together! ?




In Urla the Meltemi wind blows in the middle of the summer season 85% sure, with approximately 15-22 knots. In the mornings its lighter, then it gets even 25-30 knots in the afternoon. The kite beach is a super huge sandy lagoon with a lots of space for everyone. Its ultra safe even for the newbies. The average air temperature in the middle of the summer is 30 degrees, the water is around 25 degrees.

This spot is perfect for beginners and also freestyle lovers. For sure you will have enough space to ride safely and enjoy your time at its best. The beach is sandy everywhere, therefore its super safe the wind is onshore. The tide is significant, but even at low tide within a few steps walk there is a pool where you can find enough water to ride hard and fly high. ?

Have you ever wonder about trying to ride a real wake park with your kite? Come and test this fantastic place and make your progress in wakestyle!

On the beach, you will be helped by the local beach boys to launch and land your kite. The middle of the summer is the most wind reliable period of the year.



KitExpedition team always looks for the accomodation, which has the most perfect location for kitesurfing. This is how we found this cool place right next to the kite lagoon in Urla. You only have to walk to the beach and you can kite. No hassle to rent a car, drive to the spot and carry your equipment every day.  This cozy kite hotel has nice apartment rooms which have own balconies. It has a common swimming pool with chilling area and kitchen.

You can choose from three types of rooms:

  • Comfort rooms
  • Standard rooms
  • Roof top rooms

COMFORT rooms:

These spacious rooms, which are located on the groundfloor, have private bathrooms. All rooms have private terraces, where you can relax after kiting. There rooms are equipped with AC. You can store your gear in your room or you can rent a storage on the beach, that costs 50 EUR / 2 weeks. The design of these rooms came from Zanzibar, Brazil and from other exotic destinations.  


A bit cost effective choice for this holiday to rent a Standard room. No compromise with the size of the room, it is as much comfortalbe as the Comfort rooms are. All located on the groundfloor, the design of the rooms is a bit simplier. The right temperature of the room is insured by a fan. These rooms have private bathroom and a small terrace. Here you can also store your gear if you want.

ROOF TOP rooms:

Its a brand new part of the hotel, built in mediterranean style, made of wood and fabric. These rooms are super comfortable, spacious and stylish, where you have cupboard, a comfortable bed and a private terrace with an incredible view to the kite spot. On your terrace two chairs and a table gives you the right support to drink your coctail after a long day. These rooms are equipped with fan. On the groundfloor you will find a common bathroom, which are very nice, brand new and spacious. To dry and store your gear you will have a private corner.


This kite camp has its own kitchen, therefore the basic package includes full board services. However there are many good restaurants nearby in Urla, that you should try. You can choose your package with full board or you can skip every second dinner, so you can discover the local places as well. We will organize group dinners outside the camp for every second evening. The prices outside the camp: a cheaper dinner is between 5 and 10 euros, a higher quality you can get for 15-25 eur. The beer price is 2,5-5 eur.


Depending on your riding level, we offer beginner, advanced and refresh kite lessons. Our teaching system is built up according to the IKO (International    Kiteboarding Organization) system. We teach with the latest SLINGSHOT equipments. Our sport club’s liability insurance offers security for our students as well.




Are you an experienced rider who loves to travel with nice people around? We organize your kitesurf holiday to be at the right place – in the right time, where you can practice your most crazy tricks. We show you which are the most popular kite spots and you can be the part of our happy community.



Have you made your decision? Will you learn kitesurfing? We help you to became a cool kitesurfer (of course in safe environment) while we take you to the most beautiful places of the world. You’ve already mastered the waterstart, but have problems with turning or upwind riding? Maybe you wanna jump? This package is made for you!




Are you a bit uncertain? Would be good to have some support for your safety? Maybe a few hour lessons would be enough to refresh your kite knowledge? What we offer for you: video analysis, tips and a few hour refreshing course to make you ride and became an independent, cool rider.