Brazil, the wind machine


The always windy Brazil is one of our favourite destination, thanked for the reliable wind and perfect climate.

During this kite expedition we hardly used our 12 meter kites: we had strong wind every day – stronger then we had ever before.

As every time, there were totally beginners and independent riders as well.

These spots in Brazil (Cumbuco and llha do Guajiru) are perfect for all level of riders.

This time we had a smaller group, some people from Norway, from Switcherland and from Hungary.

Finally we had the chance to test the new Duotone Dice 10! This kite is simply amazing! Strong lift, fast turning and super steady control.

We visited two different kite locations during the kite camp: first we visited Cumbuco, where we were riding in the open ocean and in a lagoon nearby. Then we moved to the great lagoon of Ilha do Guajiru, where you will find endless sandy lagoon with flat water.

After 14 days of kiting everybody was soo exhausted!

We gonna return! ?

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