Egypt Kitesafari 2019

Egypt Kitesafari 2019

This year KitExpedition team had the most windiest kitesafari ever: perfect wind every day.

Our crew departed from Hurghada marina and were cruising amongst remote islands. We even find a secret spot where we were on our own: huge lagoon only for us! It was amazing! In September the water and air temperature is warm, so we could kite in bikinis and shorts. 

The boat was fantastic: fresh and new with all the facilities we needed. 

The crew was awesome: happy people all around.. 🙂 

This trip is a special kind of all kitesurfing holidays: spending a week in the middle of the Red Sea is not comperable to any kite trips. 

We gonna return soon! 


Dakhla Kite Camp 2019

Dakhla Kite Camp 2019

The legendary Dakhla lagoon was on our bucket list for a long time: many kitesurf competitions were organized here and all the big names from the world came here to train before the competition season starts. The hotel where we were staying (Dakhla Evasion) was the home for the world championship young star Mikaili Sol – two week before we arrived. 

We were lucky with the great wind condition every day from the morning till the late evening. The general strenght of the wind was like 20 knots or more. The big kites had holiday in the storage this week.. 🙂 

This hotel is situated a 5 minutes walk from the lagoon. The kite school is in the middle between the lagoon and the camp. They have a perfect system in the kite school there, with a lots of kite gear and spacious storages. You can use a compressor to pump up your kite, so no hassle on the beach down there..

Thanked for the full board services the only things we had to concentrate on were: eating, sleeping and kiting. 

The hotel was really nice with stylish decorated rooms, delicious food and great services. 

The nights were a bit quite: there was no party around. However it was not a big problem for us, after those day long kite sessions every day… 🙂 During the day the temperature was like its summer (you could hang around in bikini around to the pool), but the nights were a bit chilly: a pullover was a must if you wanted to have a drink on the terrace. The water temperature was around 20-22 degrees, which is okay. 

Summarizing the kite camp: we had a great time and we are happy to finally discover this place. We gonna return one day for sure! 


Zanzibar kitesurf experiences (2019.)

Zanzibar kitesurf experiences (2019.)

November 2018, Brazil

November 2018, Brazil

Brazil, the wind machine


The always windy Brazil is one of our favourite destination, thanked for the reliable wind and perfect climate.

During this kite expedition we hardly used our 12 meter kites: we had strong wind every day – stronger then we had ever before.

As every time, there were totally beginners and independent riders as well.

These spots in Brazil (Cumbuco and llha do Guajiru) are perfect for all level of riders.

This time we had a smaller group, some people from Norway, from Switcherland and from Hungary.

Finally we had the chance to test the new Duotone Dice 10! This kite is simply amazing! Strong lift, fast turning and super steady control.

We visited two different kite locations during the kite camp: first we visited Cumbuco, where we were riding in the open ocean and in a lagoon nearby. Then we moved to the great lagoon of Ilha do Guajiru, where you will find endless sandy lagoon with flat water.

After 14 days of kiting everybody was soo exhausted!

We gonna return! 😊

Kitesafari in Egypt (2018)

Kitesafari in Egypt (2018)

Pentecost boat safari in Egypt


The Pentecost boat safari in Egypt was a great trip again.

We upgraded ourself: we had a luxury boat this year!

We had very good conditions: there was one day only when we could not kite. We did many early morning sessions, which means that we were watching the sunset while we were kiting! It was amazing!!!

The departure with the boat was a bit tricky: one guy missed the plane so we had to return with the boat one day after to pick him up.

But from then, our crew was ready for a great adventure. 

This year we had the youngest kitesurfer on board: Adam, who was 6 month old. He enjoyed to be together with great people.

We had colourful programs on board: over kiting we had yoga classes on board, we went to wathc dolphins, did wakeboarding and snorkelling.

Overall we had great time, will return again and again and again… 

January, 2018, Zanzibar

January, 2018, Zanzibar

This was our traditional 6th Zanzi kite expedition. Our group was very lucky again: after a few days of light wind this spot prooved again: we had perfect conditon where all our beginners managed to ride and all the riders became exhausted by the end of the trip.

The accomodation was at the same place then the last years: right on the beach in a cosy beach bungalow with swimming pool. The place has been renovated during the low season, so we were one of the first clients after. The rooms became really comfortable and charming.

Of course we had the latest North kite gear for testing, everybody could take them for a ride. As always, the Dice got the most simpathy from our clients. This was not a surprice: the Dice is one of the best kite in the world. The students also enjoy the easy handling of the new equipments. They are also very safe to practice with.

We never miss the parties of Paje: dancing with naked feets in the white sand is one of the best way to deduce the adrenalin of the day.. 😉