The beginner kitesurf course is 9 hour (9x60 min), which includes 1 hour theory and 8 hour practice.





Basic definitions, equipment, safety, aerodinamics, weather.

2 – 3.óra: E2-3 HOUR: KITE STEARING:

You will start to fly a trainer kite on the beach, then continue with an inflatable kite in the water. First you have to learn how to steer the kite in the wind window, how to launch and land a kite with two hands and one hand as well, etc.

4 – 6 hour: BODY DRAG:

The kite will drag you in the water without your board. This exercise is to learn how to steer the kite in the powerzone and how you can generate more or less power in the kite.


Theory of the waterstart on the beach, then the first meters on the water. This is the part of the course where you need the most of your concentration skills: you have to move the kite and the board properly in the same time, while you have to coordinate your whole body as well. Therefore we only start the waterstart when we feel that our students have stable kite steering technics and able to move their attention from the kite to their body and the board.

Right way of rules, equipment maintenance basics, useful tips.

By the time the students finish the beginner course, they are able to stay safe to themself and their environment and can ride 50-100 meters on the water.

These steps of course are always fitted to the person we teach. Some has better skills for the board, others for the kite. We will only move forward to the next step when we see that you are confident.





If you are a bit uncertain about what you have learnt on your beginner kite course (maybe just because it was a long time ago), then our refreshing course is made for you.

During the 5 hours we go through the steps you made during your beginner course, repeat all the theory, do some badydrag and self rescuefor your confidence – if necessary – and help you to launch and land your kite. We show you again the steps of a proper waterstart and support you until you became a confident rider.




(for those who just finished the beginner course)
Always stayin motivated – this is a key point in kitesurfing. Always find new goals to reach, this is how you will progress more fast.

If you are not a totally beginner rider, have all the knowledge from the beginner course, join our intermediate kite course. This is an 8 hour kite course where we teach theory and practice according to the followings:

– controlled riding speed
– upwind riding
– riding amongst the other riders/beach users on water
– transitions
– toeside
– safety rules again
– basic jumps, rolls

These courses are available on all of our kite camps! Choose the one that fits you the most!

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